• New Tapping Machines, Tools and Misc

    New Tapping Machines, Tools and Misc

    Mueller Drilling & Tapping Romac Drilling & Tapping Reed Tools Whitlam Solvents and Primer PVC, Blue Lube, Pipe Lube

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  • Valves and Hydrants

    Valves and Hydrants

    AFC Hydrants: Darling & Waterous AFC 2500 Series Gate Valves AFC Check Valves Butterfly valves

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  • Tapping Sleeves/Saddles

    Tapping Sleeves/Saddles

    Romac: Fabricated SS & DI JCM Fabricated SS 440 line stop sleeves AFC Ductie Iron MJ sleeves

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  • Clamps and Couplings

    Clamps and Couplings

    Romac: Repair Clamps, Transiton Couplings, Restrainted Couplings Dismantling Joints  JCM: Repair Clamps Specialty Clamps

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  • Sewer Fittings

    Sewer Fittings

    Tigre SDR 35, 26 SW and Gasket Tigre Sch 40 Fernco Couplings and Saddles NPC Trelleborg coring seals Romac Saddles Rectoseal…

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  • Water Fittings

    Water Fittings

    Tyler DI Fittings USA Sigma DI Fittings Import AY McDonald Brass Corps, Curbs Service and Pipe Fittings Valve Boxes /…

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  • Sewer Pipe

    Sewer Pipe

    SDR 35 &26 C-900 Protecto Lined DI Sch40 & 80 SDR 21 Hancor Sewer & Drain

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