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If you do not see a product or service listed, it does not mean that we do not supply or provide it. Repair or replacement service is provided for almost all equipment related to tapping and line stopping for Gas or Water.

We pride ourselves in providing solutions as well as material and services.

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why us?

We do not just quote orders or jobs.

We take a close look at your plans and offer the most cost efficient products or services for each job.

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  • Valves and Hydrants

    AFC Hydrants: Darling & Waterous AFC 2500 Series Gate Valves AFC Check Valves Butterfly valves

  • Tapping Sleeves/Saddles

    Romac: Fabricated SS & DI JCM Fabricated SS 440 line stop sleeves AFC Ductie Iron MJ sleeves

  • Clamps and Couplings

    Romac: Repair Clamps, Transiton Couplings, Restrainted Couplings Dismantling Joints  JCM: Repair Clamps Specialty Clamps

  • Sewer Fittings

    Tigre SDR 35, 26 SW and Gasket Tigre Sch 40 Fernco Couplings and Saddles NPC Trelleborg coring seals Romac Saddles Rectoseal…

  • Water Fittings

    Tyler DI Fittings USA Sigma DI Fittings Import AY McDonald Brass Corps, Curbs Service and Pipe Fittings Valve Boxes /…

  • Sewer Pipe

    SDR 35 &26 C-900 Protecto Lined DI Sch40 & 80 SDR 21 Hancor Sewer & Drain